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Revizor is an Innovative Project in the field of crypto currency market regulation, the first task is to create software that will filter various assets by absorbing a non-promising Token. The advantage of RevizorCoin is that there are no similar projects in the blockchain yet  about a thousand different coins as a result of the introduction of Revizor will be absorbed, so it is possible to block system cleanup. RevizorCoin Is the only Coin that does not require mining, because the owners will continue to increase their capital in the development of certain arithmetic after every absorption of Coin is not liquid.

Revizor will significantly reduce the number of inefficient crypto assets. This fact is a positive influence on the market for the following reasons: from this, other token creators will win, which will attract attention and, therefore, the liberated investment gains are available for the crypto currency market in general. This is because there is a direct correlation between the growth of successful and reliable project numbers and the arrival of new investors in the market, whose interest will significantly increase the crypto currency market with the help of Revizor will be free from the reputation of soap bubbles, pyramids as there will be market filtration of assets which has a high level of investment risk.

The principle of Revizor is the creation of a range of tools that allow filtering exchange flows from deliberately unrealizable and fraudulent crypto assets. The exchange will be made automatically. For each category of coins will be established its profitable course for everyone. The degree of liquidity of a particular assets ultimately determined by the market itself. By exchanging this project`s coins for RevizorCoin, the owner has a second chance to return their investments and thereby participate in the RR. Due to the absorption of other coins, not only the price will grow, but also the amount of RR for their owners will increase.
Investors might work on strategics with the displacement of initials on terms and goes with the index of ranks to put on focus with the manage of trading tasks and exchanging lists of unprofit token to displace allocation as attaining the different table of exchange with the market.The system as returns of work from developer to helps with the tasks of analytics with the finance accounting as client gains of records with the details information to gives of chance as might to work on same or similar decision of strategy to run on application with the manage of trading plan with the investment projects.

Different media on offers as clients to work on extent to returns of the better precision with the manage of taks of the analytics as defining selection of option to put with the order creation with the market.As return of the analytic system gives with the details of reference, the platform to initiate function of the feature as opening the auction schemes to offers different clients as might to gains of interest and work on following as exchanging the new position as resulting the complete of transaction to helps on offering further decision to work on shifts with the different stages of works on compliance.

How to get RevizorCoin

1 ETH = 5 000 RR (1 RR around 20 cents)
You need a wallet, which supports ERC20 tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet.
Send ETH to 0xEF25FA4A6B1336517027FB99A53e24185FB84D25
RR will receive automatically.
Do not send ETH from exchanges such as Coinbase/Poloenix/Bittrex etc.
To display your RR balance, add custom token with the following info:
Token Address: 0x5fb6a842ea587fa8d0486589742ce68ef24834a4
Token Symbol: RR
Decimals: 18
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